In January 2016, Wilds Lodge was awarded the prestigious Eco-Schools Green Flag award. This marked the culmination of two years work led by the Eco-team and supported by everyone at the School. 


In order to achieve the Green Flag award, boys had to demonstrate that sustainability is an integral aspect of Wilds Lodge School. The Eco-Schools programme is focused on nine key topics:


The range of activities, ideas and achievements the boys were involved in is quite staggering. The photographs below provide a glimpse of just some of them.



Since being awarded the Green Flag the boys certainly haven’t become complacent.  In fact, they have introduced many more ideas:

  • A Biomass boiler has been installed.
  • Led by Henry and Josh, boys have been making new metal bins.
  • Boys have made bird feeders and their own feed, which will be installed at Ashwell Canal.
  • The Ashwell Fishing Committee have recognised Wilds Lodge’s contribution to the Ashwell Canal with this trophy.
  • The nuture boys have observed caterpillars transforming into butterflies in a special ‘hatching habitat’ and have watched chicks hatch in an incubator.

We are now very excited about making some of the boys’ creations available for the public to buy through our website as part of the Enterprise Project.  Eco goods will also be available to buy at Sports Day.  We hope that you will be able to support us.