Wilds Lodge spreads across three sites: Wild Lodge, Crossroads Farm and Rock Lodge.

Wilds Lodge

Wilds Lodge is located around 2 miles away from Stamford, surrounded by the beautiful green pasture land of Rutland. Wilds Lodge is home to some of the younger boys and is where the school started.

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Residential students continue to flourish at this school, making significant progress with regards to their education, emotional wellbeing and independence skills. Residential students enjoy their residential experience, particularly making new friends.
— Ofsted - March 2015

Crossroads farm

Crossroads Farm is just a mile from Empingham via backroads. It is comprised of multiple buildings which are used for practical skills like construction and mechanics along with other buildings which allow for teaching of more conventional curriculum. Crossroads Farm is also used as a venue for the Music Festival.

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The school has a strong, highly qualified and experienced senior leadership team who have effective monitoring systems in place which contribute to their understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the school. Recommendations to improve the school from the previous inspection have been robustly addressed and effectively implemented. This is a school that continually strives to improve the service offered to students.
— Ofsted - March 2015

Rock lodge

Rock Lodge is the most recent addition to the school, and is the residential provision for our Post 16. Located in the heart of Stamford, Rock Lodge has all the facilities to cater for young adults.

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