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"Wilds Lodge are so proud to receive the creativity award. We are delighted that our belief and passion about the creative therapies in education has been shared. We are driven by creativity and the positive impact of the arts on the emotional well being of our pupils. It is exciting to think that winning this award could inspire other educational settings to access the arts therapies and introduce alternative ways of healthy expression and positive mental health." 


We have received the Woodland Trust Platinum Award.

This week KS2 celebrated receiving the Platinum Woodland Trust Award. Over the last few months they have worked really hard to complete activities promoting the outdoor environment, and protecting woodland areas. 

They've visited Fineshades woods and recreated their own nature trail of this; They took part in a tree dressing activity, and they have learnt how to look after woodland areas.

Well done everyone!


We are officially a National Nurturing School!


Towards the end of last year we received our assessment visit from the National Nurturing Schools advisor to assess the work that we have been doing to gain the whole school nurturing award. Here are some highlights from the report:

‘Nurture principles are reflected in the development of the environment. The environment is outstandingly good in terms of feeling like home wherever the pupils go. In particular the buildings and outside areas are beautiful and very much part of the school’s curriculum and ethos in terms of taking pride and care of their environment. The staff model positive relationships and there is a sense that everyone genuinely cares for each other. All staff know all the children’s names and pupils refer to staff members by their first name. There are no offices, staff work in communal areas so that the pupils see adults are working but available to them whenever they need them. ‘

‘With inspiring and supportive leadership, the school prides itself on the nurturing ethos which promotes mutual respect and celebration of the diversity within its community. The six principles are clearly embedded throughout the school, enhancing teaching and learning and promoting healthy outcomes for the children, which is reflected in the school’s policies.’

‘I recommend that Wilds Lodge School should be awarded The National Nurturing Schools Award.’

‘This report cannot reflect the work that goes on at the school every day. A comprehensive evidence file and related documents have been provided as part of the assessment process. Examples of excellent practice include:

  •   Inclusivity: Everyone works diligently and effectively to ensure that high expectations enable children (and staff) to be the best they can be, regardless of their special needs or difficulties at home or school. Head teacher, Robin said, “It’s always about the children, we start with their needs and go from there but we raise expectations for them in every respect.”

  •   Partnership and community working: The school recognises the importance of fostering strong relationships with the community, sharing the same vision of education and having a clear drive to foster partnership with them. They are to be commended for their commitment and drive in maintaining and developing University links, through the development of training packages and providing training opportunities for NQTs and their own school staff.

  •   Working with parents: Family liaison - Staff understand that working with parents is a key element to children’s success and they work tirelessly and in partnership with the parents to make that happen.

  •   Six Principles: I cannot remember ever seeing a school that has embraced the principles to the extent this school has. From the head teacher, all staff members whether teaching, pastoral, domestic, and grounds staff right through to each pupil, the knowledge and understanding of the principles is impressive and inspiring. Wilds Lodge have truly taken this programme into the heart of everything they do.

    It was a privilege to spend time with the children of the nurture committee who really made me feel at home and welcome. The staff, who were extremely intuitive and highly skilled, had a very calming influence on them and responded consistently with a clear understanding of the needs of each individual child. What is obvious throughout the school, is that the staff care deeply about the vulnerable pupils they work with and have high expectations that they can and will succeed at whatever level they are at.’

    As head teacher Robin said:

    “Nurture underpins everything we do here. We recognise that the key for all of our children is building relationships. It's through those trusted relationships that they feel safe and valued so they have the confidence to become whoever they want to be in life.”

Understanding OCD Training.

Today we had a training session after school on understanding Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Did you know that it affects 1-3% of the population? It is equally common across genders and ethnicities and onset is around 11 years although it has been seen as young as 6 years old. Although there is no definite cause, brain chemicals, genes and environmental factors such as stress can all play an important part. This was just some of the information that we were given in our talk from Benny who works with South London and Maudsley.



The staff performed a fantastic version of Scrooge on the last day of term this year. Everyone had a lovely time watching the play and it really did feel incredibly festive. What a fabulous resource the theatre has been over the past year. It has hosted so many different events since we opened last January from Space days, Mathletics, World Book Day, the Read-a-thon, LGBT+ event and all the amazing plays and the 360 display with trampolines, gymnastics and scooter displays to lights and music. A great effort from everybody.

A fun filled, fabulous evening.

Last night we welcomed students, staff, parents, carers, family and friends to our first Christmas evening of entertainment. It was lovely to be able to showcase all the shows that the students have put together and to celebrate their success together. From funny to heartfelt we had it all on that stage through the evening.

Home made mince pies and gingerbread made the interval especially attractive, thank you for all the lovely refreshments to the staff and students that were baking away all day.

In the background, quietly working hard were the lighting, sound and backstage crew. They did a great job, seamlessly transitioning between each show and making sure that everything ran smoothly.

Thank you to everyone that planned, took part and visited us for a very special evening.

We raised almost £100 for a local charity that we work with as well with the popular raffle. I am sure the team at Second Helpings will be very happy.

National Nurturing School Award success!

This week we have had our assessment from NurtureUK and we can now share that we have been awarded the National Nurturing School Award. Claire who did the assessment wrote this letter to the students on the Nurture Committee.

Dear boys,

I didn't get  chance to see you again before I left yesterday so I wanted to send you a message to say thank you very much for all the help you gave me yesterday.

You made me feel so welcomed and at ease in your lovely school from my delicious continental breakfast (great idea!) til the minute I left, feeling very happy and inspired by what I saw. You gave a brilliant assembly- very confident and showed me that you understand the 6 principles so well. I was impressed by the way you adapted them to make them more flexible and I know they have helped you and your teachers make your school the wonderful place it is.

In particular I liked it when we were on the bus as we had a lovely chat there because we all felt so relaxed and safe there. I know you are very happy in school because you told me you felt safe and valued and this is something very important for me to hear. I think you are very lucky to have such a nice place to learn  with such great teachers who understand you and make sure you get everything you need to be the best you can at whatever stage you are comfortable at.

Your teachers are very proud of you and so they should be. I hope you are proud of yourselves too. Thank you all for making my day so memorable.

Have a fantastic Christmas

My very best wishes



Nurture Guinea Pigs

Our new nurture babies, Ron, Ralph and Hugh! The boys are so excited to have some cute little guinea pigs to look after and to cuddle in the nurture group.