The Lodge Annual Camp

On Monday, the first group headed to Centre Parcs and got there early. A lot of the boys and some of the staff thought that the best way to do relax after a drive was to jump into the pool. With a four person tropical cyclone available in the pool area, everyone had a lot of fun. They then went back to the cabins and chilled out, having a BBQ for dinner.

When they woke up on Tuesday to be treated to an extreme-hightop 20ft (or 40ft if they wanted to really push themselves to the limits) tree climbing event. The main obstacle for the course was the big swing at the end. It was a real Tarzan moment! After that they went back to ‘The Hungry Horse’ for dinner. Everyone ate lots for dinner, and there was a prize for the person who ate all of the ice cream!

Pleasure Wood Hills was the main event for Wednesday. A small Theme Park where they were allowed to go round a rollercoaster 4 times in a row as they were enjoying it so much! Everyone had a lot of fun around the Theme Park, with the day being very free and allowing the boys to decide which rides to go on. When they arrived back at Camp, the boys were treated again to a BBQ.

Their last full day at the Camp, Thursday, was packed full of excitement. In the morning, they went paint balling. A real team orientated event of Capture the Flag. There were many action packed moments in the game including staff member Nikki having a Rambo moment. Afterwards they went to Great Yarmouth as it was such a beautiful day. They spent the rest of their time at the beach enjoying the arcades, shops and the fish and chips they had for dinner.

Friday came around all too quickly. Everyone had a nice relaxing morning before they travelled back home. A very memorable week which was enjoyed by all!