A letter from Tyler

To Wilds Lodge,

I would just like to let you all know that I’m extremely thankful for all the care and support you have given me throughout my 2 years or so of me being at the school, I’m currently studying Level 2 Site Carpentry at my local College which is great.

For all the staff members who are still currently working at Wilds Lodge and to those who were there whilst I had the privilege of being a part of the school, you are all amazing staff members and I hope the school has great success in future times, I hope to visit when I can to see how the school is doing.

I’ve had ups & downs at home since I left but at the end of the day something I’ve learnt whilst being at Wilds Lodge is that there’s no point giving up so soon when there is still so many opportunities in the future to improve from the past. 

I give my biggest appreciations and greatest luck to the school that has definitely helped me turn life around, thank you all so much.
— Taylor (Year 9 - Year 11)