National Nurturing School Award success!

This week we have had our assessment from NurtureUK and we can now share that we have been awarded the National Nurturing School Award. Claire who did the assessment wrote this letter to the students on the Nurture Committee.

Dear boys,

I didn't get  chance to see you again before I left yesterday so I wanted to send you a message to say thank you very much for all the help you gave me yesterday.

You made me feel so welcomed and at ease in your lovely school from my delicious continental breakfast (great idea!) til the minute I left, feeling very happy and inspired by what I saw. You gave a brilliant assembly- very confident and showed me that you understand the 6 principles so well. I was impressed by the way you adapted them to make them more flexible and I know they have helped you and your teachers make your school the wonderful place it is.

In particular I liked it when we were on the bus as we had a lovely chat there because we all felt so relaxed and safe there. I know you are very happy in school because you told me you felt safe and valued and this is something very important for me to hear. I think you are very lucky to have such a nice place to learn  with such great teachers who understand you and make sure you get everything you need to be the best you can at whatever stage you are comfortable at.

Your teachers are very proud of you and so they should be. I hope you are proud of yourselves too. Thank you all for making my day so memorable.

Have a fantastic Christmas

My very best wishes