Waste Week

It is "Waste Week" from 5th to the 9th March 2018. This year the emphasis is on  food waste and packaging. Everyone at Wilds Lodge school are already working hard to live more sustainably. We source our food locally where possible so it's not travelling hundreds of miles to get to us and we try not to waste a thing. Our animals are always fed well with whatever is left and we use very little packaging.

There are going to be an array of activities going on in the next couple of weeks to raise awareness for everyone to become more eco friendly, weather that is recycling packaging, sharing a lift to work to reduce a carbon footprint or even picking up litter in our local community for a cleaner, greener Earth for us all.

Do you do anything to be more environmentally friendly at home? Please share it with us to inspire others and get involved in this wonderful initiative to help live in a better world for all of us.