Year 11 moving on to a new adventure!

Today we held our assembly to say goodbye to the Year 11 boys.  Emma, Carol, Marc, Ian and Steve spoke about the journey that the boys have made since they started and the young men that are leaving us for a new adventure. We are so proud of them.


Charlie summed it up well with the speech that he wrote and gave at the end.



'My time at Wilds Lodge is coming to an end. I've had my ups and downs throughout the years and they have lead me to this very moment. I just want to commemorate them by saying a few thank you's:


Firstly Dylan, Reuben, Connor, Henry, Zubair and George. You guys have been as good as brothers to me. We have had great times together whether it be walking up those treacherous mountains, or sitting around in a classroom. I am honoured to call you my friends and I wish you all of the luck in the years to come.


This particular person hasn't failed to make me laugh once this year. Striding around doing his impressions of me, that person is Paul. You are a very comical person Paul but I have learnt how much of a caring person you are as well.


Stephen M, you are one of the wisest and widest people I have met. You have taught me to see an obstacle from all perspectives. It may not seem it but when you take me aside and just talk at me I do listen to your words, I used to think you don't know what you're on about and think be quiet, shut up, but now I reckon you are one of the most down to earth people. Please carry on helping others how you helped me because everyone needs to hear what you have to say.


Simon, you were a pain in my backside when I joined Rock Lodge. Telling me not to do stuff and trying to speak to me about my issues. Eventually I opened up to you and I found that you were a really good support. Apart from that all you're good for is cooking!


Alice, you have helped me with my problems whether they were big or small. These past two years you have helped me no matter what, through all of the angst you have given me positive energy and cheer. Stepping up to the plate as the D of E Silver Coordinator really meant a lot to me as I would like that award under my belt . You are an amazing person. Thank you!


Josh. You have been a remarkable mentor and friend. I remember a few years ago when you first joined the school and I hated your guts. After an issue one day you sat me down and talked for a while. Then i saw the real side to you and wanted/aspire to be like you one day. Then those few years went by and you have stuck by me fighting my corner. Thank you Josh, you are a great man.


Mr and Mrs Lee ,with out you I wouldn't be standing here giving this speech today. Your hospitality is paramount. I thank you for giving me a second chance at life making me the person I am today


Okay I'm going to wrap this up by saying one last thank you and it is aimed to everyone here at Wilds Lodge. Thank you for being a heartwarming family and home.These six years have made me realise how lucky I was to have something that makes saying goodbye hard.