Leaders in Safeguarding.

Wilds Lodge are very happy to have been awarded the Leaders in Safeguarding Quality mark for our work across the school in all aspects of safeguarding after a two day inspection this month. The Leaders in Safeguarding Standard requires:


  • Clear lines of accountability for safeguarding children and vulnerable adults

  • Committed governance arrangements and quality assurance processes

  • Full compliance with all relevant statutory requirements and guidance

  • Comprehensive, clear and effective safeguarding policies, procedures and systems

  • Effective and appropriate information sharing

  • Highly effective inter-agency working

  • Safer recruitment practices

  • Highly effective supervision and support

  • High quality staff training and continuing professional development

  • Very good staff awareness of safeguarding arrangements and effective day to day practice

  • High priority is given to safeguarding the most vulnerable groups

  • Accessible and effective whistleblowing arrangements

  • Full and effective implementation of the ’Prevent’ duty

  • Precise recording of information and concerns

  • Good understanding of the requirements for confidentiality

  • Effective risk assessment and risk management arrangements

  • Good first aid and health and safety arrangements