United Nations Convention of the Rights of the Child Assembly for KS4


Today Emma and Carol talked with KS4 about the rights of the child and the 54 articles in the convention. The school have started the journey towards the Silver Rights Respecting Schools Award and will be voting on their top 6 articles to learn about in more depth over the next few terms.

‘For every child, every right’ is the fundamental principle of the UN convention on the Rights of the Child, an international agreement on childhood. The convention came into force 2nd September 1990 after negotiations by governments, non-governmental organisations, human rights advocates, lawyers, health specialists, social workers, educators, child development experts and religious leaders from all over the world, over a ten year period.

After some interesting discussions, we concluded that there is no doubt that the convention is a positive thing and is changing lives but that there is also a long way left to go. We look forward to learning more and some interesting debates as we journey towards the award.