Away from the classrooms

The Rock Lodge house group is the Post 16 facility based in Stamford. The house consists of 11 students ranging from 16 – 19 years old. Rock Lodge is designed to help the students learn independent living skills whilst still being supported by the Care team. 


The group learn basic living skills and these consist of cooking, budgeting, Laundry, CV and application writing. They will also have an enterprise business project to help them learn different skills they may need once they leave the school.

Over the past few years the group have taken part in an allotment project where they had chance to grow their own vegetables. They have also completed a pop up restaurant and raised £365.00 for charity. 


As the group are older we try to encourage them to try different activities so they can socialise in a adult like environment. These have included watching local bands, comedy club and going to watch plays at the theatre. The group have recently returned back from the first school trip abroad to Spain where they visited Barcelona.


With the house being situated in the heart of Stamford it has good links to the train station, job centre and library. The group are encouraged to use all these facilities to help them become more independent.

Over the coming months projects will become finished and the group will look forward to a new cinema room and fitness gym situated in the buildings opposite the car park.