What our parents say about the school following our recent outstanding Ofsted Care inspection

Absolutely well deserved. You gave me back my son where others failed.
Amazing work done by you all, all the time well done.
Passionate & dedicated staff, hard working & talented students, well done everyone!
Well done to all the staff at Wilds Lodge!! I can’t wait for my son to start.

Source: Wilds Lodge School - Official Facebook page.


Children make extremely positive progress from their starting points. Aspirational staff help children achieve to their highest potential, despite their previous experiences.
— Ofsted - November 2018

Wilds Lodge School is an independent specialist boarding and day provision for boys and girls (girls are accepted as day students only) with social, emotional and mental health difficulties aged between 5 and 19.  All the students at the school have an Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP).  It was established in 2007 and aims to place an equal emphasis on the educational, social and psychological development of our students.  The key to the success of the school is a strong ethos, developed by a highly experienced and capable staff, and the strength of the relationships between the staff and the students.

The school draws nationally from Local Education Authorities and currently has under 90 students on role of which a small percentage are day students. It offers fortnightly boarding provision although in practice, most return to their families weekly.  The students are grouped into five residential houses with close regard to their chronological age, their social needs and their personal maturity. The main needs of pupils with SEN at the school are social, emotional and mental health difficulties and Autistic Spectrum Disorder.

Excellent joint work between care, education and therapy teams means that children benefit from a wrap-around 24-hour curriculum.
— Ofsted - November 2018

We pride ourselves in ensuring all members of staff including our support staff have access to regular training.  All our members of staff attend regular training on child protection; mental health and multi-agency working.  All our educational/care and counselling staff have received specialist PDA Training with Ruth Fidler, Education Consultant, NORSACA Children's Services. All staff have Level one Autism Education Trust training and the majority also have a Level 2.

We have two fully qualified TeamTeach instructors and all our staff are trained in TeamTeach (de-escalation strategies and the reduction of risk and restraint).


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Wilds Lodge School has been given recognised awards from these organisations


The feedback from the pupils, parents and social workers is very positive. One parent became tearful when expressing the positive impact the school has had on her son.
— Ofsted - January 2017

Wilds Lodge School has been shortlisted for awards from the following organisations

  • TES Healthy School of the Year 2016, 2017, 2018

  • TES Special Needs Initiative of the Year 2016

  • TES Creative Schools 2018

  • Great Rainbow Bake off finalist 2016

  • Edu-bake & Cel-a-cake finalist 2018

  • Included in Innovation 800


Care and education staff work together seamlessly across the school and residence for the benefit of young people. A young person said: ‘I trust the staff. They always have time for you. They really do care.’
— Ofsted - January 2018

Wilds Lodge School is currently working towards awards from the following Organisations