If a child can’t learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn
— Ignacio Estrada

Becky McSharry - Autism Specialist & Deputy Head of Care


Becky McSharry started at Wilds Lodge in March 2010 and is currently the Deputy Head of Care as well as our Autism specialist. She has a Post Graduate Certificate in Asperger’s Syndrome and is trained in Social StoriesTEACCH, SCERTS and Lego-based Therapy. As part of her role she co-ordinates the Autism Accreditation programme for the school.

Sensory Circuits

Sensory circuits is a regular programme of specifically designed physical activities which are intended to focus concentration and improve motor skills in readiness for the days learning and interactions. These activities are collectively known as a Sensory Circuit and encourage the development of a child’s sensory integration abilities.

Sensory Integration is the ability to take in, sort out, process and make use of information in the world around us. In the circuit our students take part in simple activities such as bouncing on a small trampette, balancing, and will also receive calming deep pressure input. These activities will take place in a child friendly environment that is fun while promoting social and emotional development.   

Lego club!

Lego club!

LEgo-Based Therapy

Lego-based therapy is a social development programme that is on offer to our pupils with autism spectrum disorders or related social communication difficulties.  Our students work together to create Lego models, by taking on an individual role of an engineer, supplier or builder.  This creates an opportunity to develop social skills such as turn taking, collaboration and social communication.

Sensory Room

In October 2015 a fantastic addition was added to our Crossroads site of a 4D immersive room.  Students have the opportunities to have lessons in here and during the evenings it is also used for activities such as story time before bed.  The space creates interactive displays, which can be used as an exciting educational tool that keeps students entertained while being taught.

The Sensory Room's interactive floor being put to good use!

The Sensory Room's interactive floor being put to good use!


A brand new Sensory Garden will be opening soon on our Crossroads site. The garden provides individual and combined sensory opportunities for our students that they may not normally experience. It contains scented plants, a water feature, sculptures and textured displays.


Sensory Garden

Wilds Lodge School was reviewed by the Autism Accreditation in 2016. The following quotes are from their report.

The Review of Wilds School was excellent the areas of strength highlighted in this report ran through every observation and throughout the school, each observation noted the young men at the school as being confident and engaged, and discussions with the older students mirrored this observation.
The school has a strong pride in their accomplishments, and each of the team were valued for what they bring to the team – this included the efforts of the principle, students and all staff. The School were committed to the development and support of each person, staff and students and this showed clearly within each discussion the review team had


The following quotes are also from the report written by Autism Accreditation, but are of the parents opinions of Wilds Lodge School.

School is brilliant in looking forward to new ways of helping our son
I couldn’t dream of a better place than this
They know him well and they respond quickly
He feels that they understand him

The report written by the Autism Accreditation can be found on our reports page.