Children’s behaviour improves hugely. This is because staff help children to understand their emotions and to find appropriate ways to express themselves. A culture of trust and respect is encouraged throughout the school. This builds good relationships. Parents spoke of this respect being replicated in the family home. One parent said, ‘Our son does not hit us anymore and that is amazing.’
— Ofsted - November 2018

We are fortunate to be able to offer in school support in a number of areas.

As part of our full time team we have: 

  • 4 Psychotherapists

  • 3 Pastoral team members

  • Dyslexia specialist

  • Literacy intervention

  • Autism Coordinator

  • School Nurse

  • Educational Psychologist

Then we also have some bespoke specialists who work part time. Their roles are: 

  • An Occupational therapist

  • Speech & Language therapist

Staff receive an excellent array of training relating to safeguarding
— Ofsted, November 2018

Below, we have put together a resource that may be useful for parents who have children which are diagnosed with dyslexia.