• To build confidence and expertise in a wide range of materials.
  • To ease the pressure of academic performance by embedding yearly smaller qualifications to be achieved "along the way".
  • To introduce experimentation in the arts.
  • To provide a basic level of Art History by studying movements and famous artists, in addition to newer contemporary artists.
  • To manipulate different materials to realise intentions.
  • To learn how to use the sketchbook process to document the journeys towards creation of a final piece, evidencing the steps along the way.
  • To explore meaning through images.
  • To understand and identify the formal elements of art.
  • To manipulate different materials to create different natural form.

Key stage 3

The Art syllabus at KS3 follows the recommendations provided in the National Curriculum Programmes of Study, whilst being structured to rapidly fill in any gaps that boys who join us at Wilds Lodge may have if they have spent some time away from mainstream classes.

The syllabus aims to build confidence in the Arts in a therapeutic manner, whilst building and developing on artistic skills and techniques through the three years of study. The sketchbook and associated skills are a key tool in preparing boys towards a GCSE and the groundwork for this begins in Year 7 and continues throughout the keystage. The course is designed to be fun and educational (they're not mutually exclusive terms!) whilst utilising opportunities for completed pieces of work to be exhibited throughout the school.

Teachers in the Art Department use shared Scheme's of Work for topics of work that offer comprehensive coverage of both the required KS3 skills and preparatory work that will lead towards all of the key GCSE objectives. Teachers can personalise the Scheme's of Work and individual lesson plans to provide differentiation for the unique individualised needs of our boys.

Students are taught in mixed ability class groups at all years in KS3.

Year 7

  • What Are Art Skills?

  • Inspired By Nature

  • AQA Unit Award: Myself

Year 8

  • Artist in Training- Where We live
  • Inspired by Books, Tales and Stories
  • AQA Unit Award

Year 9

  • New Techniques & Materials
  • AQA Unit Award
  • Mark Making & Art History

Key Stage 4

The GCSE Art and Design course followed is the AQA Fine Art qualification (8202). This requires a portfolio component and an externally set assignment which is delivered as a 10 hour examination. The portfolio is required to show explicit coverage of the four assessment objectives and it must include a sustained project evidencing the journey from initial engagement to the realisation of intentions and a selection of further work undertaken during the students course of study.

For this to be achievable all boys are required to complete weekly homework assignments and present this to their teacher at their next lesson. This is an intensive course, requiring a consistent level of additional work in the students own time. While this might not be achievable for all of our boys at KS4, we also offer Bronze Arts Awards which have no homework requirement. These are offered as a secondary option, with the intention of providing qualifications for all boys who wish to continue their studies of Art.

Year 11

  • Major Extended Project
  • Exam Preparation
  • 10 hour Examination

Year 10

  • Mini-project: The Human Condition
  • Art History
  • Continued techniques & materials
  • Developed Project (coursework)