The Loft


The Loft is the group for key stage 4. It is usually seen as the group for boys who require slightly less supervised time, for older boys who wish to take support in to early adult hood.  The staff have worked with this older group for years, and offer a different skill set, we are a staff group who have a good sense of humour and feel this is an important social aspect to help fitting in and making new friends in the school.

Our evening activities centre around giving boys the skills to help grow as people, from interacting socially in the local areas, to going to the skate park, to helping with a healthy lifestyle; such as going to the gym. There is always a wide range of organised trips during the evening, we increasingly encourage our students to take more responsibility for organising their own leisure time.

The boys have a wide variety of interests, from playing football to supporting teams, watching movies and playing video games. Though we understand the importance of relaxing, and giving the boys the environment and the time to feel comfortable. The Loft has a good sense of community and are very good at supporting peers, it is a welcoming and vibrant space for boys to grow and learn, while feeling part of a group.


On our recent residential camp to the New Forest, near Glastonbury, we spent a week going on trips ranging from going to the Roman baths in Bath Upon Avon, to a guided tour around Wembley. Previous camps have involved going to Scotland and the Lake District, and going paintballing, or visits to Cambridge.

The Loft has strong ideas in our approach. We believe all students should be treated as individuals and regarded with respect and treated as young adults. Our approach to social care involves a lot of talking and self reflection, it is a strong belief that boys have a voice and are given a platform to speak out about there opinions and environment. In order to do this it is important that staff portray themselves as good role models and with a strong guidance from adults to help support the boys, staff encourage continued support from parents and carers. With this ethos staff look for progress and growth from the boys and we belief we give our students to do so.