Our aim is to be at the forefront of computer science teaching. We offer a high quality education experience to all our students and facilitate our students in making sense of the ever-changing world of information technology.


We are currently undergoing a period of rapid development in order to accommodate the recent changes to the IT curriculum. We offer a successful programme of combined ICT/ Computer Science lessons to our students and we support the rest of the curriculum areas in the increasing demand for integration of IT across the curriculum.

We have excellent provisions in the Computing Department and we are always keeping up to date with the world of technology. We have five computer suites, each of which is fully equipped for full class teaching, our classroom PCs are replaced on a regular basis and the software continually being updated.  Our IT rooms are in use throughout the day and are regularly used at lunch times for extracurricular clubs and for support with computing coursework.

In Key Stage 2 our students start to build ICT and Computer Science skills with taster units in Scratch programming, Office Software, game making and Comic Creation. These units are designed to get them excited about the subject as well as build up everyday ICT skills, ready for KS3.

Key STage 3

In Key stage 3 students work towards gaining a deeper understanding of programming concepts; they are introduced to the Python programming language, look at computer hardware, e-safety, data representation and develop use of ICT software. Students are offered entry level and functional skills qualifications in ICT towards the end of key stage 3.

Year 7

  • Living in a digital world (e-safety)
  • Computational thinking and data representation
  • Spreadsheets
  • Creating digital graphics

Year 8

  • Data Representation
  • Programming in Python
  • Physical programming with the BBC Microbit
  • Understanding Networks
  • Interactive Scratch programming
  • Computer crime

Year 9

  • Functional Skills:
  • Using ICT- Spreadsheets, Databases, PowerPoint
  • Finding and selecting information
  • Developing, presenting and communicating information
  • Searching and sorting algorithms

Key STage 4

In KS4 students are currently studying the iGCSE Computer Science (9-1) qualification.  This  new GCSE specification  incorporates skills such as programming concepts, data representation and computational thinking. It is an optional qualification that is offered to students at the end of KS3.

Year 10

  • Data Representation, storage and Transmission
  • Security Concepts
  • Logic Gates
  • Input/ Output Devices
  • Operating Systems
  • High/ Low Level programming languages

Year 11

  • Python Programming
  • Programming concepts
  • Sequencing and Flow charts
  • Ethics in Computer Science
  • Security

In KS5, the NCFE Level 3 ITQ is being offered as an optional qualification to those students that have already completed a GCSE in ICT/ Computer Science. This is personalized towards every learner, in that students choose the units they wish to study and then work towards these throughout the year. There are a large number of units to choose from that are both ICT and Computer Science related. Students are supported by specialist staff throughout the qualification but are encouraged to work as independently as possible during self study time and outside of school hours too, when needed.

In addition, functional skills ICT and GCSE Computer Science is offered to those that have not yet done those qualifications.

Key Stage 5