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Here you will learn more about the fun ways in which we help to raise pupil's self-esteem and to break down barriers to learning via a very nurturing approach.

Forming Friendships!

Forming Friendships!

Dressing-up time

Dressing-up time

The nurture group in key stage 2 allows pupils to learn academically and socially. Pupils learn to cooperate with each other under close guidance from the staff. Pupils have made very strong progress from their starting points and are accessing more learning opportunities.
— Ofsted - January 2017

Wilds Lodge Nurture Group aims to support our younger pupils with their social and emotional development. Evidence suggests that in order for children to access formal education they need to have good self-esteem, self-confidence and a sense of belonging and self­-worth. Missed opportunities to nurture children in their early years can sometimes mean that children build up barriers to learning and can find it difficult to access formal education. Our Nurture Group supports the children’s individual needs, understands the importance of attachment, and offers the children a safe base in order for them to progress socially and emotionally.

Children in the Nurture Group are made to feel valued and supported from the moment they walk in the door, and we are constantly offering praise and rewards throughout the day. We have a well planned structure, and predictable routine, which helps the children to feel safe and secure, which is further supported by a visual timetable for the children to refer to when needed.

The Nurture room is beautifully presented and has a lovely home area, where there is a colourful sofa, a kitchen area and even a fireplace. There is also a classroom area where children do maths and literacy, which has colourful tables, a white board and a computer. The play area is where the children can relax and enjoy interacting with each other, learning those essential social skills that are needed as they grow older. The room offers a fun, positive, child­-friendly environment that enables children to learn through play, and revisit earlier stages of development and learning, in order to prepare them for a more formal education in the future.

Snack Time

Snack Time is one of our favourite times of day and is an important part of our Nurture Group. Children enjoy learning about healthy eating and having the opportunity to review and discuss what has been learned earlier in the day. It is an amazing way for the children to work on their social skills and there are lots of opportunities for them to practice their speaking and listening skills too. It is a lovely part of the day that builds on the attachment between the group members and encourages the sense of responsibility and pride as the children have to take turns to set up, clear away and wash up afterwards.


Circle Time

Circle Time is always lots of fun and helps the children raise their self-confidence by being an active part of a group, as well as working on their speaking and listening skills. Activities are chosen that support the children in reaching their individual targets and to help raise self-esteem. We sing, dance, tell stories with puppets, play memory games, work on concentration skills and much, much more. We use our emotions rug to help the children understand how they may be feeling at different times of the day and to help them recognise how others may be feeling too. The children thoroughly enjoy this part of the day and even those that are very shy join in as we have so much fun.



Classwork is carefully planned, taking into account the children’s individual needs and possible barriers to learning, as this is often a major cause of anxiety to children with social and emotional difficulties. With this is mind, we always start by introducing work in the form of worksheets that can be quickly and easily completed by the child. By doing this we are able to raise the child’s self­esteem as they instantly gain a feeling of success and achievement, which is confirmed by the way of praise and reward by staff. Once the child has overcome their fear of failure, we start to slowly build up the difficulty of the task and begin to tackle classwork for longer periods of time. This process can have fantastic results and often children feel so proud of themselves that they start to request harder work and become increasingly motivated. 



The Six Principles of Nurture

  • Children's learning is understood developmentally

  • The importance of nurture for the development of well-being

  • All behaviour is communication

  • The classroom offers a safe base

  • Language is a vital means of communication

  • The importance of transition in Children's lives



Nurture Group Team

Cherida Gibson ­- Nurture Group Coordinator

Cherida leads our Nurture Group and is trained in the ‘Theory and Practice of Nurture Groups’, and also holds a certificate in Therapeutic Play. She uses the Boxall Profile to assess the pupil’s social and emotional needs, and supports the referral and transition process into the classroom. Cherida works closely with each child in order to meet their individual needs, and makes learning fun with a multi-­sensory approach.


Suzanne Cookson - Nurture Nana

Suzanne is our lovely Nurture Nana and has a very special role within our group.  Everyday Nurture Nana joins the group for snack time and then helps the children to do the washing up afterwards.  This is a great opportunity for the boys to get some individual attention. During this time they have some lovely conversations, where Nana can model language, encourage good manners, and build trusting relationships with the children.



In 2017, Wilds Lodge was awarded the Quality Mark as an Approved School from The Nurture Group Network.

In 2018, Wilds Lodge became a National Nurturing School having successfully completed the Nurture UK programme.



What do parents and carers think of our Nurture Group?


It’s great to see him being part of a class and forming bonds with staff and other children. He looks very settled and that is a massive reassurance to us
It’s awesome seeing him being with other children instead of being isolated, this will build his confidence & improve his social skills
He absolutely adores coming to the Nurture Group. The minute our bell goes, he’s got his bag and he’s off out the door. He literally runs to the taxi. This morning he even cheered “Yay school time” before going out the door
We are very impressed with the school and can’t believe the progress we’ve seen in such a short space of time.... We’d been stuck for so long with his behaviour that we honestly thought he’d never be able to progress, so to see the change already is such a positive thing for us
We can’t thank you enough for all of the work you’ve done so far this year